Brown Rice Porridge with Spam and Eggs!

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It’s getting cold outside and you want something warm and filling in the morning for breakfast. This dish is absolutely perfect and easy to make during the winter time. I’m bringing back what your mom and grandma used to make when you were younger and adding some memorable sides with it to help you enjoy this dish even more than you ever have before.


  • 1 cup Premium Brown Rice
  • 1 can of spam
  • 8-16 oz of real egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Maggi Soy Sauce
  • PORRIDGE: We use our Zorjirushi Rice Cooker to cook our porridge. I usually just set it the day and let the timer have it ready when we wake up. I normally put in a cup of the rice and fill the water up to the line and that’s it! I let the cooker do the rest.
  • SPAM: Just open up the can and cut it up into bite size pieces.
  • REAL EGG: Just have it ready!
1. Cooking the porridge. Just buy one of these and you’ll love it! Preset your timer for cooking porridge and it’ll be ready when you wake up!



2. Prepare your spam!



3. Brown the spam after you cut it into bite size pieces.



4. Have it ready to pour into the browned spam.



5. Add your salt, sugar and pepper to taste and until eggs are nice and fluffy.


6. Voila! Enjoy!


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