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Brown Rice Porridge with Spam and Eggs!

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It’s getting cold outside and you want something warm and filling in the morning for breakfast. This dish is absolutely perfect and easy to make during the winter time. I’m bringing back what your mom and grandma used to make when you were younger and adding some memorable sides with... more

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Mi Goi Kho & Hot Ga (Dry Ramen and Egg)

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Easy meal for any time of the day. Cindy and I tend to do this for breakfast on weekends since it’s fast, easy and very tasty. It doesn’t require many ingredients. In fact, you should always have these ingredients available in your house for emergency cases. =) INGREDIENTS (for 2)... more

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Com Tam Suon Hot Ga- Vietnamese Grilled Pork Chop with Fried Egg

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  Com Tam (Broken Rice) is a very traditional rice dish served at most Vietnamese restaurants.  Usually there are variations that will have the pork chop, shredded pork, pork “meat loaf”, fried egg and pickled vegetables all on one dish!   But for our simple Sunday version we just marinaded... more

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Dau Xanh Xao Chung – Vietnamese Green Bean Stir-Fry with Egg

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  Most traditional home style Vietnamese meals are comprised of multiple dishes.  It usually includes a broth based light soup (Canh), meat dish and a vegetable dish eaten with a small bowl of rice.  This recipe is a quick and easy stir-fry that usually is paired with a meat dish... more

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The Real Egg: Egg Whites

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We’ve tried a variety of egg whites cartons but the Real Egg from Costco is our favorite thus far!  Made with 99% pure egg whites (fat free, cholesterol free) and only 10 calories per serving and if you compare this brand and others, you will think you are eating real... more

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New Years 2012 Day Quick Breakfast

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                Everyone has leftovers. We tend to have random items in the refrigerator we dont want to see go to waste. Today we woke up on the first day of 2012 hungry…. so we found the following things in the fridge: 2 loaves... more

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