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Ga Hai Nam – Rice Cooker Salted Chicken with Spring Onion & Ginger Oil

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  This is one of my Dad’s favorite dishes traditionally served at Chinese restaurants.  As a child my family owned a Szechwan Chinese Restaurant, so even Dad gives us cooking tips from time to time.  This recipe is very simple and easy as long as you have a rice cooker large... more

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Ginger Chicken – Ga Xao Gung

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This week’s “Lunch O Week” :  Ginger Chicken & Turnip Greens Ga Xao Gung is sometimes mistaken for Ga KHO Gung which is more of a braised/caramelized dish.  Ga Xao Gung is more of a stir-fry style which is lighter and healthier.  Ga Kho Gung or anything “KHO” means braised/caramelized.... more

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Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese Shaken Beef)

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  As promised here is our Vietnamese Shaken Beef (Thit Bo Luc Lac) recipe.  This has by far been the most requested recipe since I posted the facebook picture.  More traditionally it is served over watercress salad but often times we use romaine lettuce & tomato salad as a great... more

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