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Thai Mangos – How to Cut a Thai Mango

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  There are a variety of mangos.  I usually prefer the semi-crunchy, slightly sweet & sour mangos but the Thai Mangos are most popular for dessert and usually eaten with sweet sticky rice.  These mangos are smaller, orange in color and have a rich, sweet flavor.   Watch the video... more

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New Years 2012 Day Quick Breakfast

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                Everyone has leftovers. We tend to have random items in the refrigerator we dont want to see go to waste. Today we woke up on the first day of 2012 hungry…. so we found the following things in the fridge: 2 loaves... more

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Basic Tips

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Here are some basic tips for the new home chefs out there: Own one sharp kitchen knife.  All knives, no matter how expensive, need sharpening, so remember to keep it maintained. Stock up on your favorite supplies:  1 large skillet & lid, 1 medium size pot, 2 cutting boards (one for veggies/one... more

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