Char Sieu Grilled Chicken

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Char Sieu is such a versatile seasoning.  Traditionally the marinade is made for pork but it also goes really well with chicken.   The great part is that the seasoning is in a package and ready to go!  We always keep about 2-3 packets in our pantry to save us a trip... more

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Mapo Tofu (aka Mapu Tofu)

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    Mapo Tofu is a dish traditionally found at Chinese restaurants.  It’s one of Toan’s favorite meals to take to lunch and reheats really well.  We usually keep the ingredients at home handy as the sauce & tofu have a very long expiration date.  Traditionally Mapo Tofu is made... more

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Organic Beef Lasagna (Wheat No-Boil Noodles)

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  Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes of all time.  This version is made with wheat (no pre-boil) lasagna, low-fat cheese and lean organic ground beef.  It’s not 100% healthy, but definitely better than the one I usually order from the restaurants!  You can really change up the recipe... more

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Chao Gung Thit Bam- Ginger Pork Congee (Rice Porridge for the Stomach Flu)

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                              When I was a young boy and got my yearly flu bug, my mom would cook a mildy bland yet savory and soupy rice porridge for me to eat. I guess it tasted so good... more

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Perfecting Steak – Inside! Filet Mignon with Chianti Reduction

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    We usually grill outside as much as possible, but sometimes it’s raining or too cold, so here’s a way to cook the perfect steak inside!  In this post I’ve also included a new marinade to mix things up a bit.  This creates a perfectly seared, almost crisp steak... more

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Rotisserie Chicken & Butter Lettuce Salad

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  We don’t always have time to cook, even though we love it.  So tonight, we stopped by and picked up a Rotisserie chicken from Sprouts and paired it with a Butter Lettuce Salad & Champagne Vinaigrette.  Buying vegetables can get tricky because not only can they get expensive, you have... more

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Kitchen Drawer Dividers

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I found these drawer dividers after getting fed up with how unruly the kitchen accessories were getting in the drawers.  Very easy to install and work great for the smaller drawers.  Only $19 for two and qualifies for Amazon Prime.  Also it’s made from bamboo so not only does it... more

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Garlic Chicken with Baby Bok Choy & Mushrooms

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  The best thing about cooking at home is being able to cook with the ingredients you love.  I love mushrooms and I would put it in every dish if I could …and I usually try.  Toan and I went to Costco and they sold a huge packet of baby... more

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Valentine’s Day Dinner – Chef Tindy 2012

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Below was our early Valentine’s Day dinner.  Enjoy with a nice bottle of Cabernet Click on the links if you would like to see more of each recipe! APPETIZER Baked Crab Rangoon Cups SALAD Butter Lettuce Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette ENTREE Grilled New York Strip with Truffle Mousse Pate SIDES... more

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Golden Horse Radish Mashed Potatoes

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A quick recipe for an easy side dish to a steak dinner.  Golden Yukons have a slightly sweeter texture than red or russet.  You can also peel the skin off the potatoes if you wish, but we typically keep it on. Serves 2 INGREDIENTS 10-12 small Golden Yukon Potatoes –... more

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