Ca Tim Xao Thit Bam (Eggplant Stir-Fried with Ground Pork)

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I never really gave Eggplant much thought when it came to being packed full of vitamins and minerals since for the most part, it’s kind of spongy.  However, thanks to this new blogging project, I’ve done some research and found out it’s not only a great source of fiber, but... more

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Ca Ri Ga – Vietnamese Chicken Curry

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CA RI GA – VIETNAMESE CURRY CHICKEN Toan: This is absolutely one of my favorite dishes to eat when I was growing up. “Ca Ri Ga” (Curry Chicken) is a dish that is found in many similar forms in other asian countries. Some spicier, some with different types of meats,... more

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Buffalo Blue Cheeseburgers

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       Our neighborhood grocery store, Sprouts was having a “Buffalo Stampede” weekend, featuring different cuts of Buffalo meat.   The grass fed buffalo meat is lower in fat and has a rich flavor but is not gamey like lamb.  The color is darker and the meat is often... more

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Ginger Chicken – Ga Xao Gung

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This week’s “Lunch O Week” :  Ginger Chicken & Turnip Greens Ga Xao Gung is sometimes mistaken for Ga KHO Gung which is more of a braised/caramelized dish.  Ga Xao Gung is more of a stir-fry style which is lighter and healthier.  Ga Kho Gung or anything “KHO” means braised/caramelized.... more

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Vietnamese Cooking Sauces – The Essentials

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  Here are 6 common ingredients for Vietnamese cooking.  You notice in most of my recipes it calls for at least 2-3 of these ingredients every time.  It’s important to not only stock up on the essential sauces, but in order for me to get the flavor “just right” it... more

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Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese Shaken Beef)

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  As promised here is our Vietnamese Shaken Beef (Thit Bo Luc Lac) recipe.  This has by far been the most requested recipe since I posted the facebook picture.  More traditionally it is served over watercress salad but often times we use romaine lettuce & tomato salad as a great... more

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Ginger Sea Bass over Wilted Greens

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  My sister Le sent me a great Chilean Sea Bass recipe that we tested out for our Christmas Dinner.  Yes, I said “TESTED”.  I was nervous at the thought of cooking for 10 people with a recipe I had never tried before but I figured I would give it... more

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Whole Grain Brown Rice

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  This may be the ONLY brand of brown rice I can eat.  I’ve tried about 5 other kinds and I’ve only been able to eat them without a frown when it’s mixed with 50% white rice.  This tastes more like a short grain, sushi rice almost.  It’s hardly noticeable... more

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Goi Ga – Chicken & Cabbage Salad

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  If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, this Goi Ga (Chicken & Cabbage Salad) is the meal for you.  It’s healthy, affordable and one of the easiest meals I know how to make.  Once you’ve mastered the staple Nuoc Mam – Vietnamese Fish Sauce recipe it’s... more

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Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Meat Balls over Vermicelli Noodles)

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This is a fusion between Vietnamese Thit Nuong & Nem Nuong.  Basically a fusion of two grilled pork recipes I’ve adjusted a little bit with the ingredients I had available.  I originally wanted to make little meat balls but since I decided to cook inside tonight, I make little pork... more

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