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Best Homemade Salad Dressing/ Nuoc Mam Container

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We finally found a container (OXO Salad Dressing Shaker) that is absolutely perfect for our Champagne Vinaigrette homemade salad dressing AND our Nuoc Mam (Spicy Fish Sauce).  We’ve tried so many different containers but this one is our favorite thus far because of the following features: PROs: Seals Well (allows for shaking... more

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Cua Hap Bia (Vietnamese Steamed Blue Crabs in Beer)

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    Sunday night we passed the seafood section at H-Mart they wheeled out the container of live blue crabs! They were too fresh to pass up, so Toan and I made a last minute decision to make it for dinner.  Blue crabs always brings back fond memories from my... more

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Xa Lach Thit Bo – Vietnamese Steak Salad

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  Here’s a quick and healthy weekday meal we have in our routine.  It’s a Thai Beef Salad spin-off but we use the Nuoc Mam Ot recipe  as the dressing, so if you already have a bottle of it in the fridge, it makes it that much easier!  We usually... more

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Vietnamese Cooking Sauces – The Essentials

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  Here are 6 common ingredients for Vietnamese cooking.  You notice in most of my recipes it calls for at least 2-3 of these ingredients every time.  It’s important to not only stock up on the essential sauces, but in order for me to get the flavor “just right” it... more

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Goi Ga – Chicken & Cabbage Salad

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  If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, this Goi Ga (Chicken & Cabbage Salad) is the meal for you.  It’s healthy, affordable and one of the easiest meals I know how to make.  Once you’ve mastered the staple Nuoc Mam – Vietnamese Fish Sauce recipe it’s... more

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